Molten Strike Pathinder Gear, Jewels & Flasks (PoE Necropolis) (2024)

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Molten Strike Pathinder Gear, Jewels & Flasks (PoE Necropolis) (1) PoEVault

Armour Pieces

A lot of the gear in this build you will most likely have to craft yourself. We will attempt to give some soft pointers for crafting methods on some of them, but they will likely not be in-depth enough for everyone. Please stop by the discord if you need help with working out a craft.


This piece needs to solve a few things for us. First of all, we will want a Blizzard Crown for it’s implicit. We then want this blizzard crown to provide us with Reservation, phys taken as ele, life and int. This sounds like a lot.
There are a few things to keep in mind here. We are forcing the item to roll the Reservation we need by way of a Deafening Essence of Loathing (you will need more than one, but still).
It then needs to roll some amount of intelligence, a life roll and have an open prefix for the Benchcraft we need. This is not complicated, but it might take a few tries before you end up with a solid item.

You will have to math out how much effect you actually have on your flask to see if you want 7 or 8% crafted implicit. Build guides numericals puts it at an 7% craft, as the 8th would tip it OVER 100% conversion and cause it to take bonus damage.

Body Armour

For the body it’s very simple, we are using a Lightning Coil. Get the rolls you can afford, better rolls is obviously better. The key point here is the 50% conversion mod, however.


Our gloves need to do a few things for us. We ideally want attack speed, strength, life, suppression and flask craft on these. The latter might be asking too much.
Like previously with the helmet, we are going to be crafting with essences. Deafening Essence of Rage, to be exact.
You want to grab a pair of preferably Slink Gloves with fractured attack speed of as high value as possible, ideally 16%.
This means the attack speed and the strength are both locked in, every time we roll. If you hit 12% suppression or better, along with any life roll, you stop.
You can ofc grab fractured Spell Suppression and pray for attack speed instead if availability is worse, but the method above is how I do it.

You then proceed to stick eldritch implicits on them. The strike additional is huge QoL, and the poison chance is necessary.


The boots also need to do a few rather specific things. They need to carry 30% ailment avoidance, they need to carry 30% movement speed, they need to carry some life roll and they have to carry some chaos resistance.
Whether you want to craft your boots with Deafening Essence of Loathing to guarantee the ailment avoidance, or if you want to use an eldritch implicit and the bench craft is entirely up to you.
I highly recommend you grab a pair with 13 or 14% fractured suppression here. The base type you end up with matters less here, if you get a hybrid armour/evasion base with decent suppression fracture cheaper, use that. If you get pure evasion, use that.


We are going to want a Heavy Belt base here for the strength implicit. A serious consideration can be made for a s Stygian Vise if you can make up the strength somewhere else. The stat priority for this belt is as follows:
  • Flasks applied to you have 12% increased effect – this mod is mandatory and NEEDS to be at this numerical value
  • #% increased flask effect duration. – This mod is also mandatory, and you want it as high as possible. Anything above 32 works, and 40 is a little bit overkill.
  • Maximum life
  • open suffix for ele + chaos craft



We’ll be making use of a Eternal Damnation for this build to make all of our layers work together.
The only thing on this amulet with a scalable value that we care about, is the chaos resistance roll. Exactly how high you need this to be, will depend on how much chaos resistance you have elsewhere. If you have more chaos resistance on your other gear pieces, you need less here.

For Anoint we will be anointing Whispers of Doom for double curse.


For this build, we are going to want 1x Two-Stone Ring (Cold / Lightning Resistances)and one flexible ring. I will explain what I mean by that in a bit, as some of this will come down to personal preference and familiarity with certain concepts.
As we no longer need to bank chaos resistance on our rings, due to Perandus Pact being amazing, we can now use one ring entirely dedicated to fixing resistances. I would strongly recommend that you do so.
In the builds PoB you will find a Two-Stone of Cold/Lightning variety with relatively high fire and very lightning resistance. It also holds our int requirement. This means our second ring is “free”.

For the rsecond ring, you have a lot of flexibility. If like me you aim to eventually fit a Nimis In this slot, you can opt for a Topaz Ring as their implicit are the same, this lessens burden on the other ring. Focus on fitting damage stats on this so it’s easier to upgrade out of later.
Alternatively you can run an Icefang Orbit as it’s our best raw damage option, though it comes with no life roll. What you choose to do here is entirely up to you. Though, should you opt for Icefang, you do not need poison chance implicit on your gloves and your Two-Stone needs to carry resistances harder.

Open Ring

Provided you are going the same route as me, leaving this ring slot intentionally “open” to make room for Nimis later, you have a very flexible ring slot to do with as you please.
You can grab some mediocre unique with a bleed immune implicit, like IceFang Orbit.
You can grab a ring with really high damage values, to increase your damage. Icefang remains our best raw damage option here, but comes with the downside of no life as previously mentioned.
You can grab a ring with really high elemental and/or chaos resistance values, to be overcapped for things like elemental weakness etc.
The options here really are vast, and you can go with whichever option suits you better.


Pneumatic Dagger is the clear winner here and realistically our only strong option. We are forced into this base to permit elemental damage to poison, and we can’t do much about that.
  1. 25% chance to poison on hit / Increased damage with poison (Hybrid mod) – The need for this might be lesser if poison chance tattoos are common. You will simply have to check market at time of reading, I’m afraid.
  2. Hits can’t be evaded – Bench Crafted Prefix This is 100% mandatory. You absolutely must have this or you will do nothing.
  3. #% increased attack speed – as high as we can get
  4. Flat elemental values – as high as we can get


Dawnbreaker is mandatory here for the rounding out of our phys to ele conversion. The only mod that matters here is the “#% of physical damage taken as Fire” which should ideally be 20%.


The flasks in this build are VERY specific and there is little to no room for leeway here. I will be going over them in turn, explaining what each one does and why it does what it does.

Flask 1, Taste of Hate

Taste of Hate is mandatory as we need it to reach 100% conversion. You want a 15% roll on the physical damage taken as cold. Ignore any other rolls.

Flasks 2 and 3.

We are going to be using the following flask bases:

  1. Ruby Flask
  2. Topaz Flask

They will need to have the following Suffixes spread among them

  1. Armadillo – 60% increased Armour. You CAN opt for curse reduction here if you prefer, but hits will be hitting you harder. Main recommendation is going to be armour.
  2. 20% additional elemental resistances during Effect

They should both have the Increased Effect, reduced duration prefix.

Flask 4

  1. Silver Flask

You will want the prefix of “48% increased charge recovery”.
For suffix, you either want the craft “Regenerate 3% of life per second during effect” or Reduced effect of curses. We would suggest curses, but this is personal preference.
If you do not yet have at least CB immunity on a jewel, you run Bleed/CB immune here instead until you get that covered.

Flask 5

  1. Divine Life Flask

Increased amount recovered, reduced recovery rate. As high increased amount as humanly possibly.
CB/Bleed removal suffix is non-negotiable here.
As we’re Master Surgeon, this flask provides us with roughly 1400 life recovery and we keep this active at all times


The build utilises a number of various jewels, let’s go over each and what matters on them.

The Perandus Pact

This baby provides us with +4% chaos resistance per travel node and notable in it’s radius. It is not currently supported in PoB, so I have added a custom modifier to simulate it.
This is extremely important and should be acquired before any other piece of gear, as making your caps happen without it is a pain in the ass.

Large Cluster.

This must be an 8-point cluster of the chaos damage variety. This build is extremely tight on points.
You want the following notables, Dark Ideation – Unholy Grace – Unwaveringly Evil. This is the only combination that allows us to skip the third (Dark ideation) and take only the two we want.

Medium Cluster 1

Flask Effect Duration cluster. 4 or 5 points are both acceptable, never 6! For notables we want the following:

  1. Special reserve – This is our only source of life regen
  2. Spiked concoction – This provides us with Alchemists Genious. This buff is amazing, and we need this node.

Medium Cluster 2

Increased damage over Time, 4 or 5 points are acceptable. As usual 6 is big no-no. We want the following notables:

  1. Circling Oblivion – This increases our damage, twice. Amazing node.
  2. Brewed For Potency – Good damage, more flask charges. This helps ensure permanent flask uptime.

Watchers Eye

We have a plethora of modifier options available to us given all the auras we are running. Our primary recommendation will be:

  1. # Gain +25-30 life per enemy hit while affected by Vitality
  2. #% increased damage over time multiplier while affected by malevolence

The Vitality mod is luxury and is only needed if you want to throw the build at ubers or the like.
I would advice you get a watchers eye with the malevolence mod early on, and upgrade into the vitality mod later on if you feel like you need the extra on-hit recovery it provides.

Militant Faith

This jewel provides us with the keystone the build is built around, Transcendance. We function quite poorly without this.

We don’t need this to provide anything crazy. We want it to give us 1% reduced mana cost of skills per 10 devotion as well as 1% increased effect on Non-Curse Auras.
Increased effect of non-curse auras per devotion is an option instead of elemental resistance, IF you can make up the resistances elsewhere. This will cause immense suffix pressure however.
Make sure it does not convert any of the nodes we actually care about!

Ancestral Vision

This jewel is rather simple. It provides us with 50% chance to avoid ailments, which when combined with the 30% from our boots and the 20% from Thick Skin, makes us ailment immune.

Rare Jewels

We have a number of modifiers that are interesting to us on these. The most standout will be listed below, combine them as you please and try to get as many as possible. One of these will need to carry CB immunity.

  1. % maximum life
  2. attack speed with one handed weapon
  3. attack speed while holding shield
  4. attack speed with claws
  5. Damage over time multiplier
  6. Chaos damage Over time Multiplier
  7. increased chaos damage

Thread of Hope

A large variety jewel here provides us with the option to optimise our nodes quite aggressively.
This can be a bit pricy, especially as we want 10% resistance penalty.
It’s very worthwhile, but is by no means necessary for the build to function. You simply path up to Blood Siphon and Careful Conservationist manually instead.

Molten Strike Pathinder Gear, Jewels & Flasks (PoE Necropolis) (2024)


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